STEM Center

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Center, commonly known as the STEM Center, is a newly-constructed facility aimed at providing an atmosphere for advance learning and a well-equipped venue for training in view of the 21st century demand for higher education in the various field of science and technology, mathematics and robotics. Assuring a competitive edge both in academics and skills development, the center houses the Math Laboratory, the Robotics Laboratory and the iMac Computer Laboratory.

The Mathematics Laboratory is a specially designed room, with relevant and up-to-date equipment known as instructional materials, designated for the teaching and learning of advance mathematics. It allows and encourages students to think, discuss with each other and the teacher and assimilates the concepts in a more effective manner. Furthermore, it enables the teacher to demonstrate, explain and reinforce abstract mathematical ideas by using concrete objects, models, charts, graphs, pictures, posters etc.

The Robotics Laborator is dedicated both to research and education. Here you will find both common and specialized tools used to build robots. In this lab, students learn about robot capabilities and limitations, robot programming techniques, robotic assembly and communications, robot control, rapid prototyping, vision processing and analysis, and fuzzy logic control.

The iMac Computer Laboratory houses 40 units of Mac computers to introduce and train the students with the powerful Apple Mac Technology. This brings to the students to a new frontier of technology-based learning that is commonly used now in univerities and insitutes aborad, global business enterprises, manufacturing companies and other global systems.