Peterian Identity


A people called by the Father in Jesus Christ to become a Community of persons with Fullness of Life witnessing to the Kingdom of God by living the Paschal Mystery in the power of the Holy Spirit with Mary as Companion


Guided by the RCAM ES vision, St. Peter the Apostle School (SPAS) is a Catholic Chinese-Filipino educational institution that envisions to be a center of excellence for the holistic formation of the learners in the service of God and country.


Patron Saint: St. Peter the ApostleMotto: DU XUE PEI DEColor: White, Yellow, and Blue
In Chinese, the motto of the school is DU XUE PEI DE (篤學培德). "篤學 DUE XUE" means diligent studies and "培德 PEI DE" means to persevere and be diligent in all their undertakings, especially their studies, while putting into action their faith and Christian values. Its guiding principle, "Committed like St. Peter as Servant-Leader", enjoins all members of the SPAS Community - the administration, faculty, staff, pupils and students, parents, and alumni - to be humble and committed servant-leaders like St. Peter.


St. Peter the Apostle School aims to provide quality Catholic education to the learners and inculcate in them the core values of智 (Wisdom), 仁 (Benevolence/Kindness), 勇 (Courage) and 信 (Faith) that will prepare them to become Christ-centered individuals, effective leaders and responsible citizens of the country.


The graduates of St. Peter the Apostle School must be authentic witnesses of Christ who live out the SPAS core values essential to self and societal transformation.

SPAS is committed to :

  • form Christ-centered life-long learners;

  • promote fraternal charity inspired by the gospel;

  • provide quality education with emphasis on moral, cultural and religious values which are responsive to the needs of the times;

  • respect diversity while promoting Filipino-Chinese heritage;

  • participate actively in the pursuit of social transformation; and

  • foster collaboration between home and school.

Core Values

We dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of knowledge and character.

We focus on the knowledge of the Truth combined with the ability to live the Truth.


  • strive to gain more wisdom through critical thinking and life experience. The more knowledge we develop about the truth and the more our character practicing that knowledge, the more wisdom we gain;

  • pursue wisdom in order to become credible and competent leaders of society and of the church; and

  • develop and uphold integrity in every endeavor in order to establish good relationships/partnerships.


We understand that we are created in God’s image and likeness, and through our words and deeds, we show kindness to ourselves, our common home (Mother Earth), and those around us.


  • show kindness and compassion for all God’s creation;

  • respect our dignity as a person, the dignity of others especially the poor and marginalized, and the dignity of the environment through our words and deeds; and

  • respect diversity while promoting Filipino-Chinese heritage.


We cultivate courage in order to become effective leaders of the society and of the Church. We wish to be courageous in the pursuit of freedom, peace and justice.


  • do what is righteous and just regardless of the cost or risk;

  • demonstrate courage in the face of fear, challenges, difficult situations and problems; and

  • build necessary convictions for the common good with faith, hope and charity.


We develop a solid foundation in our Catholic faith and a strong relationship with Christ through our catechetical and faith experience at school and in our parish community.


  • deepen our understanding of the Catholic faith and strengthen our relationship with Christ through the sacraments, prayer, the Sacred Scriptures and life of the Saints;

  • know, understand, and participate actively in the liturgy of the Church especially the Holy Mass; and

  • live courageously the Gospel and the teachings of St. Peter the Apostle and his successors, the Popes.