STEM Center

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Center, commonly known as the STEM Center, is a newly-constructed facility aimed at providing an atmosphere for advance learning and a well-equipped venue for training in view of the 21st century demand for higher education in the various field of science and technology, mathematics and robotics. Assuring a competitive edge both in academics and skills development, the center houses the Math Laboratory, the Robotics Laboratory and the iMac Computer Laboratory.

Guidance Office

School Year 2021–2022 Guidance Program is consist of different activities and services that are timely and applicable for your children’s needs under the new normal. It generally intends to help the students acquire the four core values of the school namely Wisdom, Benevolence/Kindness, Courage, and Faith by teaching them how to enhance their Emotional Intelligence.

Christian Formation

In St. Peter the Apostle School, the Center for Christian Formation (CCF) enriches one’s personal faith in the Triune God through its three components – the Christian Living Education, the Campus Ministry, and the Pastoral Ministry. The Center envisions the formation and development of committed Catholic Christians who are strong in their faith, able to witness the Gospel of Jesus in their thoughts, words, and deeds and ready to serve the needs of others joyfully. Its mission is to create a faith-filled campus, provide evangelization, outreach program, formation activities, and to celebrate the faith in various liturgical gatherings.One of the components of the Center for Christian Formation (CCF) is the Christian Living Education (CLEd). The area envisions a God-centered, transformed, and renewed Chinese-Filipino community of learners motivated by love of God and service to community.

Learning Resource Center

The mission of the Learning Resource Center (LRC) is to meet the needs of both students and faculty, in response to a highly-challenging era of information technology, by providing materials related to diversified fields of studies, by providing substancial reference to pupil’s and student’s inquiries, and by collecting up-to-date information that support both academics, research and other co-curricular activities.