Learning Resource Center

The mission of the Learning Resource Center (LRC) is to meet the needs of both students and faculty, in response to a highly-challenging era of information technology, by providing materials related to diversified fields of studies, by providing substancial reference to pupil’s and student’s inquiries, and by collecting up-to-date information that support both academics, research and other co-curricular activities.

Maintaining excellence in service, atmosphere and resources, the newly refurbished Learning Resource Center adapts to the changing needs for knowledge across time and culture. Furthermore, it includes open computer access and multimedia areas for reference, study, and self-paced education.

A unique feature of the Learning Resource Center (LRC) is the Kid’s Reading Space. In this area, young kids are invited to read children’s literature, games, rhymes, and crafts to make reading fun, providing a lifelong love of reading.

The Audio-Visual Room (AVR) is equipped with several audiovisual materials that support the school’s curricula to maintain a well-rounded collection of a variety of AV materials and to assist the faculty and students in research, communication, media appreciation and analysis. The audio-visual collection contains various types of media such as audiocassettes, videocassettes, audio discs, transparencies, slides, audiotapes, etc.