Guidance Office

School Year 2021–2022 Guidance Program is consist of different activities and services that are timely and applicable for your children’s needs under the new normal. It generally intends to help the students acquire the four core values of the school namely Wisdom, Benevolence/Kindness, Courage, and Faith by teaching them how to enhance their Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence, also known as Emotional Quotient or “EQ”, is always believed to be as important as “IQ”. According to Zedua, a social media platform for schools, “IQ decides your intelligence, but EQ decides what type of person you are.” Hence, it is necessary for the students to know the different quotients of emotional intelligence as these will help them develop their personality as a whole.

There are four quotients under the emotional intelligence namely Emotional Quotient, Adverse Quotient, Spiritual Quotient, and Creative Quotient.

First is the EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT. It is the ability to control emotions effectively in order to manage stress, control impulsive actions, and overcome challenges. Having the knowledge on how to properly manage emotions is like having the WISDOM on how to stay mentally healthy throughout our lives.

The following are a few ways how parents can help to increase the EQ of their kids.

  • Be emotionally available to your kids. Observe their emotions and talk to them if you notice any sudden behavior change. Try to put yourself in their shoes to fully understand what they are facing.

  • Make them understand the relationship between their thoughts and actions. They must understand the consequence of their thoughts and how can they control their emotions to reduce impulses.

  • Listen to their problems. Sometimes listening is enough than preaching.

Second is the ADVERSE QUOTIENT. It is the ability to face the adversities and the capacity to overcome challenges by taking rational decisions in order to be adaptive to changing environments around us. Facing adverse situations in life is like demonstrating COURAGE in the face of fear, challenges, difficult situations, and problems.

The following are a few ways how parents can help increase the Adverse Quotient (AQ) of their kids.

  • Do not always hide the truth from your kids. But instead, make them understand any problem that the family is facing.

  • Teach your kids values and morals through real-life stories or examples than fictional tales.

  • Let them face failures sometimes and make them understand that life is not always perfect and losing is part of their growth.

  • Make them understand the importance of perseverance, endurance and give their best for any decision they have made.

Third is the SPIRITUAL QUOTIENT. It is the ability to feel connected to one’s inner self that deepens self-awareness and develops self-discipline. It is like having the patience to wait for the things we want and to have FAITH and confidence in ourselves, in the same way how we strengthen our faith and trust in God.

The following are a few ways how parents can help develop the Spiritual Quotient (SQ) of their kids:

  • Inculcate the habit of meditation in your kids.

  • Do not always fulfill their materialistic demands. Saying “no” sometimes would make them understand the feeling of content, develop patience, and be down to earth.

  • Make them understand the importance of maintaining a discipline when it comes to spending and have the patience to wait for the things they want.

Last but not the least is the CREATIVE QUOTIENT. It is the ability to think out of the box which enables us to develop new and innovative approaches to a certain problem rather than coming up with old solutions. It is not only restricted to artistic professions, but it is beneficial in problem-solving. It’s like coming up with a creative solution that is unique and enjoyable, and at the same time, could bring BENEVOLENCE / KINDNESS to self, to others, and to our common home and wisdom with their choices and decisions in life.

The following are a few ways how parents can help develop the Creative Quotient (CQ) of their kids:

  • Take your kids to places such as museums, planetarium shows, hiking, art galleries, historical places, etc. instead of spending the weekends in the malls and movie theaters.

  • Improve your child’s imagination and creativity by letting them read storybooks or doing art works, play-dough, puzzles, etc.

In the Guidance Office, your children will be guided to acquire the four core values of the school through teaching them to enhance their emotional intelligence (the four quotients). This will be done through Online Life Coaching (or Telecounseling), Online Routine Interview (a 10-minute “Kumustahan”), and Homeroom Guidance Series (a 15-minute homeroom session that provides useful tips and fun activities on how to enhance their four quotients, how to take care of their mental health, and how to discover the right career for them in the future).

Other guidance services are Individual Inventory, Information, Online Assessment, Consultation, Referral Services, and Tracer Study for our SHS students.

Please send a message at for inquiries or for scheduling of Online Life Coaching or Telecounseling. Thank you and God bless!