St. Peter the Apostle School


Guided by the RCAMES vision, St. Peter the Apostle School (SPAS) as a Catholic Chinese-Filipino educational institution envisions to be a center of excellence for the holistic formation of the learners in the service of God and country.



St. Peter the Apostle School aims to provide quality Catholic education to the learners and inculcate in them the core values of智  (Wisdom), 仁 (Benevolence/Kindness), 勇 (Courage) and 信 (Faith) that will prepare them to become Christ-centered individuals, effective leaders and responsible citizens of the country.


School Director's Message

Rev. Fr. Emilio A. Ascaño, LRMS
(SY 2014-present)

Beloved Students: Praise be Jesus Christ! We are delighted to welcome you back to St. Peter the Apostle. School. 歡迎!歡迎!

We are excited by your return and I believe you are also excited to see again your classmates and teachers. Whether you are beginning or continuing your educational journey with us, we look forward to learning, exploring, and growing in love together as the Lord commanded Peter and his other friends: “Love one another as I have loved you!”




September 14, 2022
Grade 11 Recollection
September 21, 2022
Science Month Celebration
September 23, 2022
College Admission Talk (Grades 11-12)