Circular Letter to Parents/Guardians No.2 (Quarterly Assessment)


September 21, 2020



Dear Parents/Guardians:


Praised be Jesus Christ! Greetings of peace and good health!


As we thrive in this new mode of learning, your heartfelt collaboration and cooperation are deeply appreciated to make our SPAS-HOME Learning Program possible and fruitful.


At this point, we wish to inform you some guidelines for our quarterly summative tests that aim to assess the learnings of our learners. 

  1. First Quarter Assessment as scheduled will be on September 24, 25, 29, 30 (Th, Fri, Tues, Wed).
  2. Quarterly Assessment days will be conducted as synchronous sessions.
  3. Learners should log in to the Google Classroom of each subject area based on the schedule of tests.
  4. Elementary learners who have difficulty to log in /log out and to access the test could be guided by their parent/guardian.
  5. The adviser of each section will serve as the proctor in all the subject areas (except Chinese).
  6. Chinese teachers will proctor the Chinese test.
  7. Learners are required to turn on their camera while taking the test so that their proctor-advisers could see and guide them if there are queries.
  8. Each subject test will be posted by the subject teacher in the Google Classroom and learners can only access it at the time of the scheduled subject test.
  9. Each subject is given an hour for the learners to answer and to review their answers.
  10. Once the answers were reviewed, they may turn in their test paper even before the designated time and may ask permission from the proctor to log out in order to prepare for the next test.
  11. Learners should be aware of the time schedule when to log in again in the Google Classroom of their next subject test.
  12. There will be no quarterly assessment for MAPEH.
  13. In case of class suspension during the test days, the order of the scheduled subject tests will still be followed.
  14. There will be NO half-day class before the first day of every quarterly assessment to let the teachers meet and review their learners during their synchronous sessions while asynchronous sessions will be for the learners to review on their own or with their parents/guardians.
  15. In view of the items mentioned above, please see the schedule given on a separate sheet. It will be followed for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Quarter Assessments for Grades 1to10. Senior high school schedule may vary because of the semestral schedule of their classes.


Thank you very much and may God bestow His choicest blessings to all of us!



Sincerely yours,


Mrs. Vilma P. Quijano

School Principal


Download Quarterly Assessment Schedule through this link: