Circular Letter No.3 to Parents/Guardians

 (Distribution of E-Report Card and Other Matters)



October 23, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Praised be Jesus Christ! Greetings of peace and good health!

We thank the Lord for the guidance and inspiration He has bestowed on us during the first quarter of our SPAS: HOME Learning Program.

As we continually ask the grace of God to be resilient to the changes of the times, we would like to inform you of the following:

   A. On Sending of E-Report Cards

  1. Scheduled sending of 1st quarter e- report card today via SPAS g-mail account of your children is moved to November 4 (for HS), 5 (for Elem),  and 6 (for ECE), 2020 within the day due to:

          a. re-scheduling of the last three days of our first quarter assessment days brought by the previous interruption of our wifi connectivity; and the

          b. re-alignment of assessing learners’ outputs as per DepEd mandate released this month, which includes the modification of the grading system and the suspension of periodic exam this academic year.

          There will be no synchronous sessions and additional asynchronous tasks for November 4-6, 2020 so that learners will have ample time for the  completion of these tasks and may take a short break once these are all accomplished.

   B. On Grading System as per DepEd Order (DO)

  1. As mentioned during our Parents’ Orientation, the prescribed K to 12 assessments of learning and grading system (DO No.8, s.2015) will be used not until DepEd releases a new advisory/modification for this new mode of learning shown below.

Assessment Components for Grades 1-10//Grades 11-12

Learning Area/Weight


Chinese// Core Subjects and All Other Subjects

Work Immersion


Written Works




Performance Tasks




*As a Catholic Chinese School, the observed values of the learners are still considered in the assessment of
their learning and achievements in CLEd/GMRC.

   C. On Quarterly Summative/Unit Test.

  1. The schedule of periodic exam in our school calendar will be retained. This will be utilized for the summative/unit test to be given to the learners per qrtr. as part of their written works.

   D. On Merit Awards

  1. Since we suspend giving academic excellence awards based solely on numerical grades, values awards (anchored from SPAS core values) and skills exhibited by the learners and observed by their subject teachers, will be recognized by sending e-merit card/s to them.

Thank you and may God continuously bestow His choicest blessings to all of us!


Sincerely yours,

Mrs. Vilma P. Quijano
School Principal