St. Peter the Apostle School provides opportunities for every Peterian to develop sports career pathways to international standards. It has been actively participating in many sports events, namely, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, and swimming. Some of our students have also ventured to taekwondo, firing and hockey. For years, our homegrown student-athletes have brought several local and international awards adding more prestige and recognition to our school within the Chinese-Filipino communities.

Students are identified through a series of trials and are provided with assistance both in the academics and training and ongoing testing and feedback, which guides individual development requirements. Moreover, the school creates values based program focusing on the values of training, preparation and work ethics towards achieving full potential on and off the field.

Parents, teachers and school administration all work together to ensure that student-athlete Peterians have the best opportunity to realize their potential for excellence in both SPORT and EDUCATION without having to make a sacrifice of either.