The ROCCA FIRMA is the official media of St. Peter the Apostle School. It serves as a window and mirror of the life of every Peterian within and outside the school campus. It includes not only the publication of the school magazine but also photojournalism, news coverage and reporting, creative layout design, video-making and presentations, digital output and web management.


Just like a caterpillar undergoing the process of metamorphosis, we started the transformation of our school with its physical structure and facilities. Change could be one of the most challenging realities a person or an institution may experience. And unless we embrace change with courage and determination, then we will always be on the same place.


A publication for the school year 2014-2015, Changes and Opportunities, blunts out a more intricate and more artistic article-writing side of Peterians. This primary issue compiles different columns that portray and cite stories and news that had happened from 2014 to February 2015.
With the upcoming celebration of the 40th founding annicersary of the school, we take a look back at all of our accomplishments from past years, from the many awards and recognitions, to recent successes and more accomplishments, and look forward to more achievements and an even greater institution that responds to the signs of times.