Candidates’ Campaign for Student Coordinating Body (SCB) Elections 2022


On August 17-19, the Student Coordinating Body candidates started their campaign to show the Peterians how they can help to serve the Peterian community. The goal of the candidates was to inspire the students so they will be able to vote for the candidates who are capable of being role models to the Peterians. Each day of the three-day campaign revolved around the platforms that are beneficial to the Peterian community.

After the campaign, the students were able to vote for candidates of their choice. The newly elected officers are Khyler Welsche V. Chua (President), Sir John Erick I. Santiago (Vice President), Jessica Y. Wu (secretary), Rise Kiersten G. Galan (Auditor), Maria Remille B. How (Treasurer), Ashley Chanelle L. Ramos (Public Relations Officer), along with representatives Chester Aldrin G. Uy (Grade 12), Eunice Liezel H. Ramos (Grade 11), Kenneth Justin L. Lim (Grade 10), Akisha Beatrice V. Cotek (Grade 9), Aina Verna Ysabelle B. Lim-Uy (Grade 8), Toni Shane B. Chung (Grade 7), Isabel D. Frayes (Grade 6), Zeth Ezekiel A. Cosing (Grade 5), and Vincent Leu L. Gosingco (Grade 4). They will serve as Student Coordinating Body (SCB) officers for the academic year 2022-2023.

The changes happening around will surely be a challenge for these student officers, but with a brave heart, commitment to lead, and unity, everything is possible.