In June of this year, SPAS brought back its summer piano and guitar lessons to all students aging 10-17 years old. This program aimed to help the learners use a part of their vacation time to try new things like playing the guitar and piano or enhance their musical talents. Also, engaging in this program is another way of relaxation and destressing since the pandemic caused our young learners  a great amount of anxiety.

Students who availed of the summer lessons attended a 6-day workshop  wherein they were taught  the basics of playing  the guitar and piano for an hour and a half per session. As a culminating activity, a recital was held after the last day of the workshop which was organized by our piano teacher, Mr. Mark Spencer Baleta and by the guitar teacher, Mr. Christianlee Hermoso. It took courage for the learners to showcase their God-given talents honed by the training  they received.  Their performances were pleasantly enjoyed by their families and friends  who watched them and gave them full support and appreciation.

Hopefully, the workshops will be continued this school year so that others may  also be able to join the fun of learning guitar and piano lessons as it is believed that playing those musical instruments can develop some motor skills and promotes connections with emotions.