As an educational institution, St. Peter the Apostle School, observes the celebration of Nutrition Month during July.  It is one way of being one with the other institutions in the promotion of the importance of good nutrition to the mind and to the whole body.   The theme for this year’s celebration of Nutrition Month was New Normal na Nutrisyon, Sama-samang Gawan ng Solusyon! The school celebrated this occasion on July 18 with the whole school personnel as its participants.   The Araling Panlipunan  Department took charge in preparing  the activities for the celebration which  included  welcoming  the  new  members of SPAS community, demonstrating  Laudato Si, integrating the core value of kindness, conducting  a  dance and work out, and  having a salo-salo  for the lunch.

Part of the celebration was viewing of a bulletin board where information about take caring of one’s mental health was placed.   Also, administrators, teachers, and staff showcased their creative banners, wore their best sportswear outfits, and participated in the 30-minute Zumba dance.

The salo-salo was really an enjoyable part of the celebration. Different healthy Filipino food such as vegetable and seafood dishes decorated the buffet table where the appetizer, a variety of fruits, could be seen. After a while, the employees had fun games until the last hour of the celebration. Giving of prizes for those who gave their best in each activity ended the day’s activity.  While doing all of it, safety protocols were observed.

Truly, such community event helped everyone remember how good nutrition is important in life and in work!