Peterian Student-Leaders attend CEAP Student Congress 2022


On March 23-25, 2022, the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) held a threeday virtual Student Congress with the theme, “The Youth as Kaberks: Gifted to Give and Empowered

to Lead”. Many students from all over the NCR region, including five Peterians, attended the Congress. The goal of the Congress was to develop the students’ capabilities as young student-leaders. Each day of the three-day Congress revolved around specific topics that are especially relevant to students nowadays.

The first day of the Congress revolved around the topic of mental health with the theme, “Strong Minds and Kind Hearts: Advocating Mental Health and Positive Well-Being through Acts of Kindness”. To start, Mr. Jan Vincent Delos Santos, RN of Far Eastern University (FEU), gave a highly informative talk that improved the mental health awareness of the students. Afterward, the students

were then divided into separate break-out rooms where the Peterians were able to discuss the topic with students from other schools.

On the second day, a “Research Congress” took place. Selected students from other Catholic schools such as San Beda University and San Sebastian College-Recoletos presented their in-depth research papers to groups of students. Each research paper presented gave an insight into the research process, as well as the topics each research paper covered.

The third day of the Congress revolved around the topic of responsible voting. Former COMELEC Commissioner Maria Rowena Guanzon was invited to give a talk regarding the topic. The former

Commissioner’s talk was inspiring to the young student-leaders. After the talk, the students were once again divided into groups to share their insights and learnings on responsible voting with other students.

Overall, the Student Congress served as an excellent opportunity for our Peterians to develop their leadership skills. They were able to enhance their emotional, logical, and social skills to become greater student-leaders as a result