“Peterian Career Talk” Featured Successful SPAS Alumni in the Different Fields


A Peterian Career Talk entitled “Knowing More of My Career Options: A Peterian Career Talk for Grades 10-12 Students” was held online via Google Meet last February 28, 2022. In partnership with SPAS Alumni Association, the school was able to invite five alumni speakers who shared their expertise in the field of Business, Architecture, Culinary Arts, Law, and Science. These five career fields were actually based on the Top 7 Career Preferences Survey Results that was answered by the students prior to this event. The program started with an opening prayer led by the class president of Grade 10-Zhi, Keane Emmanuel G. Antonio, followed by the opening remarks from Ms. Angel L. Badilla, the guidance associate.

Mr. Jeremiah Dwight Sebastian from batch 1996 was the first alumnus speaker who shared his knowledge in the field of Business where he also imparted the important factors on how to start and run a business, especially in the areas of Engineering and Manufacturing. After which was the presentation of Ar. Yi-Nan A. Lin, UAP from batch 2011 where he covered necessary information in pursuing the field of Architecture. He also shared some of his aesthetic designs and challenged the students who are interested in this career to be the next architect that the world needs. It was then followed by Chef Joanne Limoanco-Gendrano from batch 1993 who taught the students the preparations and skills needed if they want to pursue a career related to Hospitality and Restaurant Management (HRM), especially in the field of Culinary Arts. Right after a short break was the talk of Atty. Cristina Suralvo from batch 1992 wherein topics such as how lawyers fulfill their work and how to plan for education if they are into the field of law were discussed. Lastly, Mr. Charles Justin T. Lim, SLP from batch 2017 imparted his expertise and experiences while working in the field of Science, particularly as a Speech-Language Pathologist, one of the new and interesting careers related to medical field.

Also, the alumni speakers did not lose sight of the fact how their Alma Mater, St. Peter the Apostle School, helped them become successful in their careers. They commended the school and their teachers who taught them not only in academics but also the important life skills which they have applied now in their workplace as well as the values instilled in them such as self-discipline and determination in pursuing their dreams. The alumni speakers told the students how SPAS molded them to become ready and equipped into the world of work and that they are in good hands here in St. Peter the Apostle School.

The program ended by thanking everyone for organizing this program especially the SPAS Alumni Association, School Administrators, Faculty members, and of course, the alumni speakers who stayed all throughout the event. Thereafter, a closing prayer was led by the class president of 10-Ren, Derek Tyler U. Ong.

Certainly, the Peterian Career Talk served as a way for the students to know more of their career options in the different fields. It was also an opportunity for SPAS to reunite with their former students and to inspire Grades 10–12 students that the school will continue doing its best to prepare them into the world of work, and eventually become competent and successful in their future careers.