SPAS Joins MDYMCA's Essay Writing Contest and Know-it-All Challenge


Peterians participated in the virtual on-the-spot essay writing contest hosted by the Manila Downtown YMCA Youth Club on November 20, 2021 via Zoom conference.

Grades 9-12 students from different Chinese-Filipino schools joined in the said competition and showcased their talent in writing an essay with the theme, "Your Significance on the Role of the Youth Today." Participants were only given 1 hour and 35 minutes to write about the topic given on the spot.

Miss Chene Joi G. Pesebre took charge of facilitating the participation of our Peterian representatives namely Maria Remille B. How (Grade 9), Derek Tyler U. Ong (Grade 10), Ivan Renzo T. Lim (Grade 10), and Emerald Jasmine D. Capungcol (Grade 12). Results were announced on December 21, 2021.

Peterians proved to excel in greater things. IVAN RENZO T. LIM was awarded with a certificate and cash gift for being one of the honorable mentions. The rest of our representatives were given a participation certificate. Indeed, it was a good start for joining writing contests!

Another contest was held last January 15, 2022 for MDYMCA Youth Club's annual "Know-it-All Challenge". As the name of the contest implies, the competition tested the students’ knowledge in the areas of Science, Mathematics, Language, History, and General Information. The students’ speed and accuracy were also tested since there was a time limit in accomplishing each set of questions. Despite those challenges, we are so proud to say that out of 20 participants from 7 different Chinese-Filipino schools, the flag of St. Peter the Apostle School soars up high again. We congratulate IVAN RENZO T. LIM for being the champion in this years’ KNOW-IT-ALL Challenge. Congratulations also to the teachers who gave time to prepare our participants for KIAC 2022 such as Mr. Jiro M. Alba (Science), Ms. Arianne Mae T. Borboran (Mathematics), Ms. Christine O. de Lara (English), and Mr. Ace F. Luistro (History).

We look forward to more exciting triumphs that our students will achieve. Let us continue to inspire and help nurture our students' giftedness!