Rekindling Youth's Love for the English Language and Literature


“The English Language is nobody’s special property. It is the property of the imagination: It is the property of the language itself.” – Derek Walcott.

For more than 100 years, the Philippines has embraced the English language in all aspects. Its contribution to our history made our country into a civilized and diverse nation encompassing the literary heritage. With its benefits through education, trade, commerce, and science and technology, we Filipinos can take part in globalization that makes our world a linked and interdependent place. Without the English language, the foundations of knowledge and skills for written and spoken communications for international linkages will falter.

On February 7, 2022, the whole SPAS community virtually celebrated English Month. The pandemic never became a hindrance to the teachers and students to prepare for the celebration. Both exhibited creativity and talent as they dressed themselves as their favorite characters from movies, television shows, books, comics, and anime.

Meanwhile, the Junior High School students expressed their appreciation of World Literature when they created their own Google Meet backgrounds that featured literary works from the Philippines to across the globe.

Moreover, our very own Grade 10 students dressed as Greek gods and goddesses made a short video introducing their chosen characters while the Senior High School students became creative writers for a day as they wrote their original six-word flash fiction stories.

The English Month celebration was not only for a showcase of creativity and talent but also of intelligence. With the support of the other subject areas, the students actively participated in the English Quiz Bee.

Overall, the celebration was a success. Peterians have been reminded of the importance of both language and literature by showing our great appreciation towards the people who created the wonderful literary works and our passion for learning the language through reading and writing. Indeed, we have taken part in our mission to carry out its significance to the real world and live out the learnings that we have kept into our minds and hearts.


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