Peterians as Catholic Servant-Leaders
By: Jana Keisha O. Caoile, Grade 9-Zhi

          On April 7-10 and 12, 2021, through the first-ever e-BIDAhan 2021 organized by CEAP NCR Student Leadership Committee, the selected Peterians answered the call of Catholic servant-leadership. During the five-day program, plenary sessions were held each day while focusing on different topics and lessons. Subjects about poverty, ecological integrity, gender equality, and youth empowerment were discussed during the event. The Peterian servant-leaders were also able to collaborate with fellow servant-leaders from different schools as they explored the topics. They were able to bring together all the topics into one understanding -- having unity. They taught the servant-leaders about the importance of unity in the community for improving our economy and being stewards on preserving God’s creation.