Parents’ Pride and Joy


We are beyond happy to hear the good news this early morning that my son was part of the Top 3 among the 3,500 examinees who passed the licensure examinations for doctors this November 2020. Thank you Lord for this blessing.

Hilton and I would like to thank all of our relatives, clients, and friends who congratulated our son. It is truly fulfilling for us to hear your kind words. This day became more meaningful with all of your greetings.

To my only son, congratulations on achieving such a high score in your exam! Seeing your name on the news and posts on social media - words are simply not enough to express how much joy you bring to us as your parents. You have always been a great inspiration to your family. We are all very proud of you.

As you take on a new journey as a licensed doctor, use your noble profession to help others, save lives, and make a change. We wish you all the best in your career. May God bless you, with all that your heart desires. Here’s to your success! Congratulations once again, Dr. Henrick Ryan Chua Fong! We love you! 


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