Teachers' Day celebration is a part of the school culture that enriches and harmonizes relationships, boosts the morale of the employees and energizes the spirit within the working force especially the teachers. But the very core of the reasons for the celebration is to honor the mentors who unfalteringly give their time, vitality and abilities in educating the youth and to acknowledge their significant role to them and to the nation.  Using Google Meet as the venue for the affair, SPAS celebrated the Teachers’ Day on September 25 at 3 pm. It was a simple but meaningful ceremony of thankfulness and giving gratitude to the teaching and non-teaching personnel who are also considered as teachers.  Being spiritually essential, a Celebration of the Word was facilitated by the School Director, Rev. Fr. Emilio A. Ascaño, LRMS who enjoined the employees to listen to the word of God and be enlightened with the reflection he imparted. Fr. Emil talked about the inspirations that can be drawn from the sufferings of San Lorenzo Ruiz as well as the magnificent courage he showed to his torturers in defense of his faith. He also emphasized the power of praying especially at despairing times and urged all to look at the current situation with the eyes of faith and with the courage of San Lorenzo Ruiz. It was followed by the heartwarming video greetings from the school alumni president and from the Grade 12 students who represented the whole studentry. Their messages were full of appreciation for the teachers and understanding of the kind of work they do. They made the event more touching with their words of care, concern and moral support they extend to the teachers. The last part of the afternoon affair was the recognition of the years of service awardees for the school year 2020–2021. The said award is given to employees who have served the school for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 years and it symbolizes their loyalty and love for the institution. Plaques and cash rewards will be given to the awardees on Employees Appreciation Day on April 2021.

            The whole hour of the event was an excitement and happiness being together in a video conference and sharing the moment of reminiscing the years past as classroom teachers and advisers, overcoming the challenges of the noble profession. It was indeed a silent glorification of the calling to serve God through teaching. The event ended with a seemingly felt virtual hugs, pats on the shoulders and simple handshakes as the employees greeted each other Happy Teachers’ Day.

            Once again, the SPAS community proved that esprit de corps is still perfectly alive despite the physical absence which seems to make our hearts grow even more fonder.