On the 12th of August 2020, St. Peter the Apostle School successfully opened its doors to the Peterians for a new e-learning based school year. Despite the challenges of the pandemic that the school has faced, SPAS was able to have a smooth opening through judicious planning by the administration, faculty, staff, and parents.

          In preparation for the classes, SPAS created an online learning program called SPAS: HOME (Specialized Program for Alternative Schooling: Home-based Online and Modular Education) as a response to the needs for the home-based learning.  This program offers online and modular education with compliance to the Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELCs) of DepEd.

          Behind the scenes, teachers and administrators equipped themselves for online learning and modular writing by participating in various online courses and webinars. These further helped in understanding the pedagogical skills needed in a 21st century online classroom. Since SPAS will be delivering its online classes through G Suite for Education, faculty members were expected to learn the system and its many applications for their teaching strategies.

          Despite the fact that the classes were moved to a later date due to Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s announcement of putting Metro Manila under MECQ again on August 4-18, SPAS community took it as an opportunity to prepare themselves more.

          In the Parents’ Orientation last August 1 through Google Meet, new guidelines for the school year were introduced and discussed to the parents by the advisers and administrators in their respective classes. The understanding of the parents is most important especially that in online classes, their guidance is as valued as the teachers teach onscreen.

          SPAS continues to show its competence by keeping up with the changes and continually giving the same quality service to the Peterians. The situation is hard and challenging as the teachers, learners, and parents adjust to the demands of the new mode of learning, but excellence can only be achieved if we all work together in creating the best learning environment for the learners.