St. Peter the Apostle School prided itself, in all modesty, for its success from passing Level I PAASCU Accreditation. The administrators, faculty and staff toiled hard to achieve this endeavor which determines the school as meeting the PAASCU ‘S established standards, maintaining and enhancing them.  With this distinction, the school is categorized to be an institution that provides dependable quality education and improved service to its students. 

       The year that passed was a remarkable year of preparation for the accreditation for everyone in the community.  All working committees, headed by the School Director, Rev. Fr. Emilio A. Ascaño, LRMS, poured their energy, mind and time to complete all the necessary documents and to demonstrate their leadership and teaching skills during the classroom observations.  The support of the committees for one another was a story of solidarity, helping each other to attain a common goal. Extended hours of working to gather data, conduct institutional surveys and meetings to further assess, evaluate and validate responses in the questionnaires and beating the deadlines of the submission of documents became a real display of passion, determination and commitment. Visible was the cohesion of every member of the institution to contribute something to the grand dream of a successful accreditation.  Audible were the whispers and silent prayers to St. Peter, the Prince of the Apostles, to lead all of them who worked to arrive at the right discernments and wise decisions for what will be best for the institution.

       This is part of the history of SPAS; never to be left unwritten nor to be deleted, but to be cherished and remembered as everyone who had been part of it gained so much of an experience hailed to be a victorious feat to excellence.  What to do next is to keep it up to the level of the expectations of the PAASCU accreditors, parents and students.  Three years after now is another time to prove the continuous effort of the members of the institution to elevate the standards of SPAS education in order to keep abreast to the demands of the ever-changing world and to answer the challenge for Level II accreditation. 

       The school also owes its success in this accreditation to the parents who willingly gave their wholehearted support and generous time to go to school especially during interviews.  That cooperation of the stakeholders is recognized as a gesture of love and loyalty to the institution where mutual trust and respect exist. Also, not to forget to mention are the students who actively participated in this endeavor and showed competence and character during the visit of the distinguished accreditors.  

       Certainly, this success is offered to the patron saint of the school and to God Almighty who through His providence guided the school administration to set directions  for the  continuous service  of  St. Peter the Apostle School to our country.

       謝謝你們! To God be the Glory!