Rev. Fr. Emilio A. Ascaño, LRMS
(SY 2014-present)


Beloved Students: Praise be Jesus Christ! We are delighted to welcome you back to St. Peter the Apostle. School. 歡迎!歡迎!

We are excited by your return and I believe you are also excited to see again your classmates and teachers.

Whether you are beginning or continuing your educational journey with us, we look forward to learning, exploring, and growing in love together as the Lord commanded Peter and his other friends: “Love one another as I have loved you!”

These past two years, you have faced challenges and been called on to sacrifice significant rites of passage for the greater good of public health.

During this time, we have appreciated your ability to adapt to an ever-evolving situation, and to find opportunities for growth amid the many challenging changes.

This new academic year still holds some challenges and we will all have to remain patient, understanding, watchful, and flexible amid our challenging situation.

Despite the unique circumstances, we are thrilled to have you with us in school and in the classroom.

At SPAS, you are part of a committed Catholic community that values Wisdom, Kindness, Courage and Faith.

Wisdom is a gift of the Spirit that enables us to understand and decide whatever is according to God’s most holy will. Kindness is our ability to love others as Jesus did. Courage is a gift of the Spirit that enables us to do what is right and just in the midst of evil around us. Faith is a gift of the Spirit that enables us to love and serve God in our daily lives. It is our treasured relationship with Jesus who is the center of our life.

As a school community dedicated to solid Catholic education, we are committed to prepare you for the future. Our learning and training providers will make sure you are ready and equipped of the 10 Job skills needed in 2025 according to the World Economic Forum… We wish you to be contributors to the development of peoples

NOW at your age and will not wait for the future and so we are passionate to encourage you to be kind to others and to be courageous in your undertakings in school. The school will promote a climate that is kind, respectful, collaborative, supportive, and safe.

These values allow us to provide a learning environment where we can all pursue our dreams and reach our highest potential.

Our schools administrators, faculty and staff are proud and honored to have you at St. Peter the Apostle School. We are so happy to see you today around our beautiful school! Again…welcome back beloved Peterians. God bless SPAS! God bless you all!