Article XIV Section 75.  Imposition of Disciplinary Action of Manual of Regulations for Private Schools states that school officials and academic personnel shall have the right to impose appropriate and reasonable disciplinary measures in case of minor offenses or infractions of good discipline committed in their presence.  However, no cruel or physical harmful punishment shall be imposed or applied against any student. 

SPAS is committed not only to instilling a Christian education, but also to fostering Christian discipline.  Among others, the school values cleanliness, punctuality, honesty, obedience to rules and regulations and general good behavior.  In this regard, the administration has set guidelines on what is acceptable conduct within the SPAS community. 

Violation of any school rules and regulations shall be dealt with according to the school’s system of discipline and guidance. All department heads, faculty members and staff are required to report immediately to the Prefect of Students through an incident report any observed violations. Appropriate penalties or sanctions shall be imposed after the Prefect of Students has conducted the proper investigation.



  1. Counseling / oral reprimand / verbal warning.
  2. Written Warning. This serves as an official communication to parents or guardians who should sign and return it to the Prefect of Students a day after receipt.
  3. Community Service.  A pupil/student will report on a Saturday to help in the outreach program of St. Peter the Apostle School/Parish under the supervision of the Campus Minister.
  4. Conduct B - or 75% in the report card.
  5. Conduct C or 70% in the report card. This is the failing mark in conduct.
  6. Disciplinary Probation.  This is a restraining measure imposed for one calendar year on a pupil/student who has been found guilty of consistent misbehavior or habitual tardiness.  Pupils/Students on probation may be accepted conditionally for a period of time.  If he/she fails to fulfill his part of the contract, the school reserves the right to dismiss him/her outright any time during the school year.
  7. Decision-making Leave. This involves exclusion from classes or from the school for a definite period of time for the pupils/students to have time for reflection.
  8. Dismissal.  He/She will not be allowed to enroll at SPAS or continue his studies in SPAS.
  9. Expulsion.  This is an extreme form of disciplinary action that involves exclusion of a student from admission to any public and private schools in the Philippines upon the prior approval of the Department of Education Secretary.



The School gives high regard to the right of the students to due process.  All investigations to be conducted by the Committee on Discipline headed by the Prefect of Students shall be guided by the following:

Step 1: The pupil / student and his / her parents / guardians will be informed in writing of the offense committed by the student.
Step 2: They shall be given three (3) days from receipt of a written notice to explain the student’s side.
Step 3: They shall be informed of the evidence against the pupil/ student.
Step 4: They have the right to present evidence on the pupil’s/student’s behalf, which should be submitted together with the student’s written explanation three (3) days from receipt of the notice. 
Step 5: The Committee on Discipline will call for a conference with the concerned parties.  If they do not comply on Step 4, a second registered letter of conference will be sent.  In case they do not show up, the Committee on Discipline will submit their recommendation to the Principal on the disciplinary actions commensurate to the offense committed by the student.

Note: Written complaints must be filed within 72 hours from the time it was verbally reported to the Office of the Prefect of Students. Cases will be settled within ten (10) school days after receipt of the written complaint.