Academics: Elementary Department

  1. There are four grading periods using the averaging method, such that the sum of the grades from the first to the fourth grading period is divided by four (4) to arrive at the Final Rating. These learning areas are:
  • Christian Living Education (CLEd)
  • Filipino
  • Filipino / Mother Tongue
  • English
  • Speech
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Araling Panlipunan
  • GMRC/Writing/Club/Homeroom
  • EPP/ ICT and Robotics/MAPEH
  1. The numerical system of grade is used.
  2. Grades are expressed in multiples of one, while averages are rounded off to two (2) decimal places.
  3. The average grade of each learning area is computed.  These averages are added together and divided by the total number of the learning areas to get the learner’s GENERAL AVERAGE.
  4. The passing grade in the Report Card is 75% and grades are not rounded off.
  5. The lowest grade in the Report Card is 70%.
  6. On recitation, projects, experiments and hands-on activities:
  • Ceiling grade
  1. First Quarter        = 95%
  2. Second Quarter   = 96%
  3. Third Quarter      = 97%
  4. Fourth Quarter    = 98%
  • Lowest grade is 60 % for all quarters.
  • Non-submission or non-compliance is 0.
  1. A final grade of 75% or higher in all learning areas is required to be promoted to the next grade level.  However, if a learner fails in ANY three (3) of the learning areas, including Chinese Language and Chinese Culture, he/she shall be RETAINED in the same grade level regardless of a passing general average.
  2. A learner who fails in one or two of the mentioned learning areas shall be required to take remedial classes for learning area/s with failed mark/s to be promoted to the next grade level. Otherwise, the learner is retained in the same grade level.
  3. The equivalent of the Final Grade for remedial classes is the Remedial Class Mark (RCM). The Final Grade at the end of the school year and the Remedial Class Mark are averaged. This results in the Recomputed Final Grade. If the Recomputed Final Grade is 75% or higher, the student is promoted to the next grade level. However, students will be retained in the grade level if their Recomputed Final Grade is below 75%.
  4. A pupil/student who has repeated the same grade /year level twice will not be admitted for the next school year.
  5. The grade in CONDUCT is computed as the average of the conduct grades given by all subject teachers.  It is expressed in LETTER equivalent on the Quarterly Report Card as follows, where “C” is a failed mark:
95-100 A
90-94 A-
85-89 B+
80-84 B
75-79 B-
Below 75 C

However, the Prefect of Students, as a result of disciplinary action and with the approval of the Principal, holds the right to give the conduct grade superseding the conduct grade given by the teachers during a particular grading period.

  1. The criterion for RECITATION is communicates and shares ideas.
  2. The criteria for SPORTSMANSHIP are:
  • performs activities with cooperation and vigor; and
  • follows instructions obediently and respectfully.
  1. The criteria for WORK ETHICS are:
  • Reliability and Safety;
  • Creativity and Cooperation; and
  • Cleanliness and Orderliness.
  1. The criteria for CONDUCT and CHARACTER BUILDING TRAITS are:
  • Diligence and Industriousness;
  • Respectfulness and Obedience;
  • Honesty and Fairness;
  • Cleanliness and Orderliness;
  • Helpfulness and Cooperation; and
  • Promptness and  Punctuality.