St. Peter the Apostle School delivers a robust, challenging and engaging educational experience to its pupils and students. Our core classes prepare our students for the challenges of a globalized and competitive college curriculum.

It has a strong wireless network in place, which allows for the learning community to embrace the integration of technology into the academic instructions and platforms in order to support and respond to the demands of the 21st century learning. Students are afforded state of the art technology through out their high school career here at SPAS with the use of STEM Center that houses the Mac Laboratory, Mathematics Laboratory and Robotics Laboratory.

Each curriculum and grade level has a designated framework for instruction at SPAS. Our curriculum and courses foster critical reasoning and persuasive argumentation; engage students in advanced academic content; develop skills in oral and written communication, and promote intellectual maturity and personal responsibility.

Our curriculum goes well beyond the norm of satisfying admissions standards at top colleges and universities in the Philippines. It prepares students to excel at those institutions and to make a smooth transition into working in those challenging academic environments.