December 22, 1974

Fr. Vincent Liu, a diocesan priest from New York became the parish priest of St. Peter the Apostle Church and took upon himself to establish a school that would provide a Catholic education with Chinese instruction for the Chinese-Filipino community in the parish.


June 14, 1976

St. Peter the Apostle School (SPAS) opened its doors to the youth of the parish with Fr. Vincent Liu as its first Director. It started with one nursery class of 40 pupils with Miss Judith Piella as the Elementary Principal. Classes were held in the Social Hall of the wooden parish house.



Government recognition for the nursery and kindergarten level was granted.


November 6, 1977

The groundbreaking ceremony of laying down the cornerstone of the new school building was held.  Both His Eminence Jaime L. Cardinal Sin and Bishop Juan B. Velasco were present at the ceremony. 



Government recognition for grades 1 and 2 were granted. The High School department started with only 17 students.  Fr. Joseph Wang was the first high school principal.  Fr. Stanislaus Chin was in charge of the Physical Plant Services and Fr. Thomas Chao managed the General Services.




Mrs. Myrna Tabalon was appointed the Head of the High School Department.


February 4, 1979

The new SPAS school building was inaugurated by His Eminence Jaime L. Cardinal Sin and Bishop Juan B. Velasco.


August 1, 1981

Fr. Francis Chin took over as new parish priest and director of the school.  He appointed Mrs. Myrna Tabalon as Principal and Mrs. Alvara Ursua as the Head of the Elementary Department.



The Preschool Department was managed by Mrs. Josefina Alonzo followed by Mrs. Eufrocina Ancheta.



St. Peter the Apostle School received government recognition for all levels. It continued to grow with the addition of a fourth floor and gymnasium to the school building, and the construction of an annex for the Preschool Department.



His Eminence Cardinal Sin blessed the construction of the new Preschool building located along Penafrancia Street. Sr. Rose Chen, MSP became Head of the Preschool Department and later succeeded by Sr. Cecilia Lin, MSP.


July 1990

Metro Manila was hit by a strong and devastating earthquake. Reconstruction was carried out to repair the damage and make the school safe for its growing population.


May 31, 1997

SPAS celebrated its 20th anniversary with the inauguration of the new 5-storey High School building.  It was named after Bishop Juan B. Velasco as recognition for his dedication and invaluable help to the school.



Monsignor Francis Chin turned over the management of St. Peter the Apostle School to the Missionary Sisters of Providence (MSP).  Sr. Theresa Wang, MSP was appointed School Directress. Together with her were Sr. Lucy Lo as Finance Officer and Sr. Cecilia Lin as Pre-school Department Head.



SPAS celebrated its 30th (Pearl) Anniversary with the theme, “In Gratitude, We Envision the Future.” The school hymn was first sung during this celebration.  Lyrics were arranged by Mr. John Sison with music by Mr. Jonicis Bulalacao.


September 2009

His Excellency Bishop Bernardino Cortez, DD, Auxiliary Bishop of Manila and Chairman of the SPAS Board of Trustees appointed Ms. Teresita S. Giron, a tertiary of the Congregation of Notre Dame de Vie as the School Principal.


February 22, 2011

St. Peter the Apostle School celebrated its 35th Foundation Anniversary.



Sr. Theresa Wang, MSP appointed three new administrators: Mrs. Maydene M. Ong as the Principal, Mrs. Cecilia de Alban as the Head of the Elementary Department and Mr. Steve Christopher Wong as the Head of the Chinese Department. Sr. Cecilia Lin, MSP remained as the Pre-school Department Head.


March 23, 2012

The management of the school was turned over from the Missionary Sisters of Providence to the Lorenzo Ruiz Mission Society (LRMS), is a Pious Union of Clerics in the Archdiocese of Manila which was established by His Eminence Jaime Cardinal Sin for the evangelization of the Chinese-Filipino, Filipino-Chinese and Chinese both here and abroad. Msgr. Esteban U. Lo, LRMS served as the Acting Director.


July 2012

Rev. Msgr. Noly A. Que, LRMS, MBA, PhD became the School Director and the Parish Priest of St. Peter the Apostle Parish while Fr. Roberto V. Fabillo, LRMS was the Assistant to the Director for English Curriculum and Fr. Simon Zhu as the Assistant to the Director for Chinese Studies and Finance. Fr. Junerl A. Salugsugan, LRMS served as the Head of the Center for Christian Formation (CCF).



The school implemented a Recalibration Program in preparation for the Senior High School in 2015-2016 with the first Grade 11 classes.



Msgr. Noly Que was appointed by the Archdiocese of Manila as the Father Moderator.  Fr. Emilio A. Ascaño, LRMS became the new Director while Fr. Emmanuel S. Regalado, LRMS took over the duties of Assistant Director and Finance Officer.  Fr. Junerl A. Salugusugan, LRMS continued as CCF Head and Campus Minister.



The creation of the Director’s Council gave the administration a more concerted effort towards action and results as its members provide input on strategic direction, and directly support growth and success of the institution as well as its advocacies for professionalism and excellence.


March 2015

Department of Education issued the permit for implementation of the Senior High School. With the need to upgrade and update the facilities of the school in order to meet the demands of the K-12 Basic Education Program, the school initiated the construction of a new computer laboratory using MAC Technology, the use of iPad One to One program for Gr. 11, the inclusion of Robotics subject in the curriculum, and adoption of the SSRS (Strategic Steps to Reading Success) Program and Singaporean Math Curriculum.